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Discussion Topic: ‘Sod 70’: lifelong education and the highly experienced executive

As a big fan of Muir Gray, I was interested by his recent book ‘Sod 70’ about healthy living beyond the seventh decade of life. After all, 70 is the new 50! It also chimes with much recent thinking about the huge value of older people (and leaders) in all societies and fields of endeavour. Take a look at my blog post on this: Discussion Topic: ‘Sod 70’: lifelong education and the highly experienced executive.


Ten traits of intelligent leaders

I’ve been thinking about leadership a lot this year, not least because I have become the leader of my group on the local council. I am sure now that leadership is not about the positions you hold, but about the way you behave. Here are some reflections, enriched by my work at LeaderShape: Your thoughts would be welcome.