What are Evidence-based Networks?

When confronted with challenges or difficult choices, research shows most professionals will rely on three things:

  • the best published resources they can easily access,
  • advice from networks of fellow professionals, and
  • their own experience, instincts and training.

Most published resources do not yet offer the right knowledge at the point of decision. Many networks are ill-defined or poorly organised, and may provide conflicting or unreliable advice.  Any individual’s experience is by definition incomplete, and given the breadth of research and information now available it is unlikely they will be able to remember all relevant knowledge.

Evidence-based Networks (EBN) is a new organisation that aims to help bridge the gap between the wealth of research and evidence available, to advise on the creation and development of trustworthy networks of practice, and to supplement the incomplete knowledge of the individual struggling to make the right choices.

In addition to innovative publishing solutions, we believe that professionals need to engage in the process of evaluating research, choosing the right sources, and making decisions about what represents best practice. Without this conversation, and without creating networks and strong relationships between professionals,  evidence will always struggle to be adopted, and decisions and practice will remain sub-optimal.

Our vision is a world in which professionals and students form supportive and trustworthy networks; these networks create and gain access to the best knowledge to make better decisions; and everyone contributes to a conversation which develops best practice as the norm not the ideal.

If you would like to talk to us about how to create evidence-based networks that drive best practice and better decisions, please contact our Managing Director Duncan Enright using the form below.



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