Ten traits of intelligent leaders

I’ve been thinking about leadership a lot this year, not least because I have become the leader of my group on the local council. I am sure now that leadership is not about the positions you hold, but about the way you behave. Here are some reflections, enriched by my work at LeaderShape: http://www.ipg.uk.com/blog/4201/leadingfromthefront. Your thoughts would be welcome.


One thought on “Ten traits of intelligent leaders

  1. I particularly agree with your points 8 & 9. you can’t lead anything unless you believe in what you are trying to achieve. I only realised recently that my principles of leadership accorded with my political beliefs – in democracy and socialism. You can only lead a team if it is a team: so you have spent time learning what the people in senior positions with you are good at (and acknowledge that they may be better at some things than you are). So, while ultimately the buck stops with you, you only very rarely tell someone else what to do, but agree between you what needs to be done: business plans are a group effort. The result might be that only a few people recognise that you are a good leader!

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